Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Top 3 Products In Solar Panels

How To Build Your Own Solar And Wind Energy Generators

I’ve tried several products that instruct how to build your own solar and wind generators. And there are dozens of them around but...

A closer look after downloading and reading each of these products, these are the top three products that I found the most valuable.

Here they are:

In my opinion this is the best product when you're interested in building a solar panel or wind turbines to save on your electric bill. The instructions are very straight-forward. Anyone could follow them and be up and running in a weekend.

Plus I liked the simplicity of the guide. They are clear and concise without leaving any stones unturned. If you want to buy a DIY guide for solar and wind energy generators, then look no further.

This is the one you’ve been looking for.
And the cost will save you a ton of money!

This was my second book in my research for DIY guides in solar panels and wind turbines. It may sound like it’s very complicate but they show you how with step by step with videos.

Earth4Energyis a popular product with the videos and it gives very good directions for building solar and wind generators and also batteries. It contains a guidebook as well as videos showing step by step instructions to building a home solar panel.

No bonuses here but there is a discount in their membership area.

This book not only you shows you “how to” build solar and wind generators, but you’ll also learn how to build your own batteries to store the electricity you created.

This product is a little more expensive than the others but it delivers incredible value for the price. Everything is clearly explained and anyone can start putting the guides into practice right away. He say you can build a solar panel in a weekend

He also gives you 5 bonus books that show you how to use all the things you learned about solar power. .

Try one of them right away. I saw a difference on my energy bill from the first month.


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