Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ban the Wind--What On Earth Are They Thinking?

There I was searching the Internet just for something to do while waiting for my laundry to dry, (on the cloths line, of course) and I came across this article about bill H.R. 2337. If you don’t know what it is--let me tell you. You will be as outraged as I am.

Chairman Nick Rahall, democrat from West Virginia, introduced this bill to the House Natural Resources Committee making it a “crime to produce clean electricity from wind turbines”. According to Adam Beazley, the bill is disguised as “animal welfare” bill to save birds that are killed by wind turbines.

Now, we all know that birds are killed by man and our technology but I do know that there are more birds killed by airplanes taking off and landing than by wind turbines. The actual statistics is 3 turbine related bird deaths out of 100,000 birds. There is an average bird deaths at the Miami airport of 54 birds per year, not to mention other critters that try to tangle with airplanes. And that’s just one airport.

Three bird deaths is hardly worth mentioning let along creating a bill to make it illegal to have wind turbines on your property. Isn’t the House Natural Resources Committee supposed to encourage “Natural Resources”? On their website Rahall makes this statement. “we have a duty to oversee development of energy sources”. Is wind not natural energy source?

Rather than trying to stop using wind turbines shouldn’t they be helping us find ways so this doesn’t happen?

Anyway, I thought this should go around so something can be done about it as I like my extra energy from my wind turbine. Adam Beazley of Solar Power For Us has created a petition you can sign to veto this bill. That’s right! Kick it out before we get fined the $50,000 that comes with the bill.

So jump on over to Solar Power For Us and sign the petition and save our wind turbines.

My outrage for today is now met--all things can go “softly into the night”.

Until tomorrow...


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