Monday, November 17, 2008

Is Your Electric Bill Climbing?

I don't know about other states or cities but I read this morning that our power company is raising its prices. What a bummer...It's not enough gas is so high and food is on the rise as well as everything else on this planet.

With everything happening in our world today is a good time to start looking into solar energy.

They're starting to sell solar panel kits from Home Depot now. They will connect you with a company that will install it for you for about $45,000. Home Depot will help you finance the solar kit and I think for many people this is a good deal.

But you can build you own solar panel for about $200 a piece. I would rather pay this price than the other. It takes some work to build your own but I think in the long run it will be worth it.

After you get them built and set up then you can get the power companies to start paying you for your excess power. That's one of the best things about putting in your own solar power system. Get your neighbors to help out and make your own power grid and change the power companies....great idea, huh? Until later...


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