Saturday, November 22, 2008

Okay, Let’s See Who’s Using Solar Panels To Make A Difference In The World Of Crude

Vatican City just announced they replaced the concrete panels with solar panels on the roof of the Paul VI Hall. The grand unveiling will be next Wednesday. It's Benedict XVI part for "green culture characterized by ethical values". Not sure where ethical values comes in with solar panels but at least they're practicing what they preach. And I mean no disrespect with that statement.

The new installation will protect the building as well as convert solar energy to electricity. A dual function. Excellent!

Let's see, who else?

In this photo from Chris Pankow you can see the newly installed solar panels added to the power grid in Florida Keys FKEC Marathon Operations Center. When this plant is done it will be the second largest in the state of Florida.

This is the first phase of the project and the second phase will put another solar array at FKEC's Crawl Key Substation. This project is part of the states response to the governor's call for 20 percent of all energy be produced by renewable sources. This solar array will provide electricity for homes and business in the Florida Keys. And they have to sun to pull this off too.

And the last one...

U.S. Bancorp has rolled out a deal with Sun Run solar power company to help finance 2,000 residential solar system installations. Bancorp will is committing over $100 million for this deal. Of course this will help Sun Run with a sizable federal tax credit but it will also help home owners by lowing the monthly rate as well as a smaller up front fee for the installation.

Of course everyone can benefit from building solar panel for their homes. It not only produces renewable power but it also increases the value of your home. Especial now with the cost of everything going through the roof. It pays to put in your own solar panels.


kevin smith said...

Nowadays, Crude oil's usage is so much that it is going to finish in few years since it is a not a renewable energy resource. Thus there is a dire to encourage renewable energy sources more and more.

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