Sunday, November 23, 2008

Try This For A Weekend Project: Build A Solar Panel

With the right instructions you can build a solar panel in a weekend. And you can build it free or at a very little cost. You can get everything you need such as glass, wood, and metal at no cost.

We have become a disposable society. From cell phones to cars to TV set we throw them out. Just out of a TV you can get resistors, capacitors, and the glass as well as the case itself. The case can be used for a solar oven or a solar heater.
When you replace your windows, doors, and other objects around your house or get ready to throw something out, think about it for a minute. What else can this be used for?

There are construction sites all over the country that are throwing out good two by fours, glass, metal and a host of other things that can be used to make all types of solar projects. It doesn’t take much--just ask them if you can have it.

I wanted to build a greenhouse and stopped at a construction site and asked for the wood they were throwing in the dumpster. They said take’s yours. I now have a very nice greenhouse for my winter plants. And there growing quite nicely, thank you.

One place you can get solar panels is the blinking lights that sit in the highway. They get hit by cars all the time. They throw them out but the solar panels are fine. Insurance takes care of their loss so they don’t care what happens to them. The next time you see any of those sawhorses with yellow caution lights on them, notice the name of the company. Stop by their shop and ask for them. It saves them putting them in the dumpsters.

See you can build a solar power system in a weekend.


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