Monday, November 24, 2008

There’s No Need To Find The Moolah When You Build Your Own Solar Panel

Having a contractor install a solar panel system in your home can and does cost a lot of money. Installing a system in your home will save on the monthly bill and appreciate the value of your home. With the government giving out tax breaks and utilities companies offering rebates it will still cost a considerable amount of money to have a system installed.

Building your own solar panel system can save you a ton of money, get you a rebate from the utility company and increase the value of your home—all in one swoop.

According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers your house’s value increases 20 times your annual energy savings. That’s a big chunk of change. So if you put in a $4000 solar water heater the value of your house may increase that much! Check with your realtors in your area. The more solar systems installed in your area the higher the value of your home.

By using more solar power lighting systems such as porch lights and even rooms in your house with small photovoltaic lights connected to a battery that gets charged during the day by the sun.

There are several books that show you how to build a solar panel in a weekend. It comes with hour and half video and step by step instructions. And it cost less than $200 to build the whole system. If you know where to get the solar panels for free it would cost even less. All kind of places throw them out on a daily basis. They’ll be happy for you to take them off their hands.

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