Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do You Want To Help Save Our World? Find Out How

Ahhhh, we (all states) should all have actors for governors. They do seem to be the ones that do the most for the local community (meaning the state). Look what President Regan did during his time as governor of California. Or what Fred Thompson has done for Tennessee. Now, we can see what Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing for California.

He recently toured the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles to check out their rooftop solar panel . The solar panels that are reducing energy use and carbon dioxide missions by 65 percent. I think that pretty good.

With the landmark global warming law asking for 30 percent reduction in greenhouse emissions everybody needs to take the time to learn how to help. And not just by solar panels or not driving their car once a week.

There are ways to cut your power bill, reduce the amount of garage into out landfills even if you live in an apartment or condo. There are many way to cut back on gas consumption and a lot of little ways of saving our plant.

Solar panels are just a start...The power companies aren't making enough money these days so everyone is getting a power usage spike. Get it? :)

Here in Florida the rates are going up 25 percent next year. That's a lot! Where is cost $200 a month in the summer here is now going to cost $250 a month. It's going to be to costly to run air conditioners. I guess I'm going to have to hang out at one of the 1 million hotel rooms we have here. Or build more solar panels...

Check back tomorrow for how to save on, well, just about anything...Until then.

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